Billionaire Rich Kids Under Quarantine


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It’s no secret that quarantine has affected us all, but some more than others. The lifestyles of these royal billionaire rich kids clearly has some perks to it!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! At the moment, the world is in a weird place. Much of the population is going through some kind of financial hardship in lockdown due to recent events. Yet for the elite, they’ve been clinging to normal life as much as possible. So much so that the rich kids of social media and celebrities have been posting about their luxury purchases online. Mostly on Instagram. Today, we’re going to see what these wealthy millionaires and billionaires have been splashing the cash on during quarantine to help ease their burden of isolation.

Now for what you can expect to see in the video. If you don’t want spoilers, best you go and watch it now instead! We’ll see which of the expensive homes David and Victoria Beckham have been hanging out in. We also have another celeb family that’s been enjoying their second home. As well as see an incredible basketball court in Drake’s! We’ll also look at the owner of Virgin, Richard Branson, and his pricey private island. As well as another celeb who has an island. We’ll also examine some of the luxury cars that the rich kids have been collecting. Entertainment is a big factor. So, we’ll see some gorgeous swimming pools. We’ll also look at some boats and superyachts that the rich have been isolating on. There’s also the new market of designer face masks! We’ll also look at hotels with a certain King, private planes of the rich, and secret parties they’ve been attending during the recent events.

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