FBI Finally Caught The Man Behind A $750 Million Covid-19 Scam


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The FBI has finally caught the man who was responsible for trying to scam the veterans affairs office, out of US $750 Million dollars, for masks, gloves, respirators and ventilators, during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Scamming the public out of $750 million is a crime that the FBI frowns upon as much as any. Doing so by taking advantage of a global catastrophe during which millions of people’s lives are at risk is an act that sinks to another whole new level.

Alas, whenever there’s an opportunity to take advantage of something, the fraudsters and the crooks are quick to pounce. That was exactly the case with Christopher Parris, a man who exploited the Department of Veterans Affairs and made a mockery of the American health and emergency-response systems. A man who ALREADY was facing up to 20 years behind bars for swindling hundreds of people out of millions of dollars.

It didn’t take long before cunning FBI detectives managed to track him down. So, how did the scam work, who fell for it, and how’d he wind up giving himself away? Let’s find out.

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