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Insurance Leads Generation Strategy by Iroquois Group Southwest

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Independent Insurance Agents Doing Social Media Marketing to Generate New Sales
Insurance Leads Generation Strategy by Iroquois Group Southwest

New Leads Generation Strategy for Independent Insurance Agents using Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Recently the Iroquois Group Southwest of Arizona announced a new way in helping their Active Independent Insurance Agents gain new insureds.

President of The Iroquois Southwest, Inc. Robert Stallings stated. Independent Insurance Agents are learning about the benefits of implementing an online sales generation strategy.” Robert went on to say “While we understand the vast majority of insurance agents do struggle with leads generation for new business, our agents are taking full advantage of a new and creative way of generating new sales using social media marketing.”

You can learn about The Iroquois Group Southwest by visiting, and discover these benefits:

1) How to grow your Insurance premiums, and remain profitable
2) How to sustain sales growth year-over-year to off set ATTRITION
3) High volume Quote Activity with High ROI

“The traditional way of generating Insurance Leads is NOT enough to sustain a viable growth strategy. Online presence is a must transition for insurance agents in order to survive in the Property & Casualty business.” said Robert. He also said, “The Iroquois Group has evolved from access to markets. Today we focus on market optimization, leverage profit-share, and carrier partnership for success.”

About Iroquois Southwest, Inc.:

Iroquois Southwest is a Regional Division of The Iroquois Group representing AZ, CA, CO, NM, UT, and NV. Iroquois Group is one of the most established, and largest Independent Insurance Agents Network in the Country with over 37 years of experience, and more than 2250 Active Members.

Iroquois Southwest, Inc.
Name: Patrick Zerarka
Phone: 602-653-5104
Address: Phoenix, AZ
Zipcode: 85207

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