From Social Media Influencer to Full-Time Reseller | How I Started Selling on eBay


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Today’s 1st video (Thrift Haul From My trip to Arizona):

This is my story on how I quit my full-time job as a Director in Higher Education to being a social media influencer to later becoming a full-time reseller. In business, it’s all about learning how to pivot and taking advantage of different opportunities and my story is no different!

The truth about being a full-time reseller:

Check out my complete list of Reseller Essentials:

Goo Gone:

Black & Brown Leather Shoe Polish:

Handheld Clothing Steamer:

Clothing Iron:

Deodorant Remover Sponge:

Bubble Wrap:

Oxi clean:

Shout Advanced Stain Remover:

Tide Detergent:

Tri-Fold Display Board:

Dymo 4xl Labelwriter:

Rollo Label Printer:

Tide Stain Pen:

Measuring Tape:

Thank you cards:

Photography lighting kit:

Digital Scale:

Poly mailers:

Lint Roller:

Sweater Shaver:

Storage bins:

Storage shelves:

Clothing racks:

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