HERMES MADE ME CRY😢… WHY I AM DONE WITH HERMES | Raw Truthful Store Experience Long Term Customer


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This video is not about getting a bag its about the insults, being belittled, none of it is warranted. Its hurtful and unacceptable to treat any customer like this. I gave them multiple opportunities to tell me if they were not able to ever offer a dream bag on whatever basis I would have rathered the cold hard truth than being strung along and told “when a bag is available” and “will keep your wish in mind”. Some level of transparency would have been appreciated from the store and having a call from the actual Store Manager would have been the right way to handle it.
These reaction videos have information I wish I had said or would have if I did an update vid

I have decided to put my video back up. I have had 6 weeks of self reflection. I knew the video would receive some form of judgement. But at the end of the day those were my feelings, it was my journey. If I wanted to look like I was perfect I wouldn’t have included my emails I could have removed the controversial ones; but I didn’t. Because I wanted to highlight that I had done things wrong and perhaps anyone who chooses to go on a H journey shouldn’t do that. I knew many others who obtained their bags from the same store by being pushy and even escalating up to higher management and because not asking in the first 6months (since last bag) didn’t make a difference I started to follow other advice. But I also know that no matter what I did I was never going to get my next dream bag, there was obvious bias there having been blocked on social media and even my personal social account was blocked… Not sure what benefit that serves but yea that’s the truth. So I wish I knew that sooner because I would have taken my money and bought alternatives from a different brand where I wouldn’t have felt I was being mistreated.
Also note I did ask the HR rep to apologise on my behalf to the SA for making her feel uncomfortable as it wasn’t my intention I only asked her tough questions because I thought maybe I was missing something in the process and why I hadn’t been able to get a bag for over 2years. I know looking back I was probing for the truth, I wanted to hear it straight that I was never going to get a bag and I would have appreciated that honesty.

If you think the way I approached my final years of my journey warranted being insulted and belittled then I think that says more about you than me.

My learning from this is go Preloved or Resale. I would have less stress and I can choose a bag I want. Because at the end of it they are just bags

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