Housing Bubble of 2021? Phoenix Arizona Market Update


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We talk about the current housing crisis we are experiencing. Phoenix Arizona market is INSANE..a bubble is created and it’s pretty incredible what is going on right now..If you are new to our channel, I am a Real Estate Broker / REALTORs / Investors here in Arizona, serving the valley for over a decade and a half helping investors, builders, traditional home sellers and buyers. I also do real estate consulting services, if you’re looking to learn how to actually invest in real estate and gain wealth through real estate, learn creative strategies like rent to owns/lease option contracts, from traditional resale/multi-family investing, flipping homes, wholesaling/assignment contracts, lots/new build development, etc.

Real estate investing is our main specialty. It has completely changed our clients lives and even our own personal lives forever, for the better (even if you are not a Realtor which you don’t have to be to know how to do this), I can help. Make sure to like this video and Subscribe to learn more winning strategies and stay on top of the real estate housing market.

Cheers from sunny beautiful Arizona, Thanks for watching.

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