Mormon Stories 1491: Are Mormon Temples a Mockery of Jesus and the Book of Mormon?


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Today we discuss Mormon Temples, the prosperity gospel, and the Mormon church’s use of social media influencers to promote its temple work.

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Show Notes:
Graph showing temple growth under Russell M. Nelson:

Racially insensitive murals inside the Mesa, Arizona, temple:

Mormon Stories’ interview with Laura Schnell:

Jenny Komenda’s Instagram:

00:00:00 Introduction and opening remarks
00:07:26 Explosion of temple-building under Russell M. Nelson; racist art still displayed inside temples
00:11:52 The doctrinal purpose of temple work
00:21:43 Changes to the endowment ceremony after 1990
00:30:21 Use of social media influencers to promote the temple and the Church
00:36:15 Influencers as priestcraft and an unrealistic portrayal of Mormonism?
00:42:37 What happens if a Mormon influencer decides to leave the church?
00:46:19 Are temples a good use of the Church’s money and influence?
00:54:23 Reaction video to Church promotional for the Mesa Temple renovation
01:04:19 The values of wealth, beauty, and perfection are contrary to Scripture
01:12:54 The brethren are changing their policy to allow an apostle to become a billionaire
01:28:29 Macro-level harms caused by the investment of time and money into temples and temple work
01:37:18 Temple-building provides contracts to family and friends of the General Authorities
01:42:50 The inefficiency of temple work and record-keeping
01:48:23 John and Carah’s message to Church leaders and to the Mormon people
02:04:18 Closing remarks
02:12:08 Audience Q&A

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