Arizona Real Estate – Monday Morning Market Update – Episode 8


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Monday Morning Market Update – Episode 8
Great things happening in the world of real estate in the Phoenix real estate market!
A recent study by Realtor. com has predicted Phoenix, Arizona to the the #1 housing market in the United States.
Home prices are forecast to increase by 5.9% and home sales to jump 7.2%
Good news as well for our neighbors to the south in Tucson, which is predicted to be the #9 best market.
All of this is fantastic news for the Arizona real estate market and our economy as well.
While not historically high, the interest rate forecast is expected be somewhere around an average of 4.5%. Which when you are borrowing someone elses money is a GREAT interest rate.
As always if you have any questions about the market, the value of your home, or looking to buy…Call Gordon Hageman today at 480-498-3334


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