BolaWrap In Use: Arizona Bodycam Footage Captures Successful BolaWrap Deployment on Moving Subject


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On May 28, 2021, Tempe Police Department officers observed a subject running through traffic, causing a danger to himself and others. The subject appeared to be in crisis and was armed with a stun gun.

After the subject failed to respond to verbal commands, the officer announced that he would be wrapped. The officer deployed the BolaWrap, restricting the subject’s mobility and preventing him from moving away. The subject was safely taken into custody without injury.

“The Tempe Police Department is training constantly to improve our de-escalation and resolution efforts,” said Chief of Police Jeffrey Glover.

“We strive to be very attuned to individuals that may be suffering from mental illness or dementia, disoriented, or potentially impaired. The BolaWrap technology tool gives us a greater array of options – especially in situations such as occurred here, on a busy night in downtown, when the individual was not responding to our Officers’ directions, and unaware that he was putting others and himself at risk amid vehicle traffic.

“We have the strongest commitment to our community to build trust by our actions. To be called into an unsafe situation, and whenever possible to resolve that situation safely and without injury to anyone involved.”

“We are pleased to see another safe and successful deployment of the BolaWrap on a moving subject,” said Tom Smith, President and CEO of WRAP. “Tempe trained officers did an excellent job of de-escalating the situation with the quick deployment of the BolaWrap. This and other recent deployments reinforce BolaWrap’s position as an early engagement tool that can be effective on moving subjects and, in many instances, may prevent the need for pain compliance uses of force. We believe BolaWrap augments an officer’s response options in dealing with uncooperative subjects without painful force, especially subjects in crisis.”

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