Level1 News March 23 2022: I'm Looking At the Influencer In The Mirror


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0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Amazon Closes MGM Acquisition in $8.5 Billion Deal
2:42 – Netflix Test Will Let Members Pay for Password-Sharing Users
3:44 – Google says Steam is coming to ‘select’ Chromebooks
4:18 – Google Unveils Its B2B Cloud Gaming Platform Built With Stadia Tech
5:40 – Google’s domain name registrar is out of beta after seven years
6:34 – Arm to lay off up to 15% of staff – about 1,000 people
7:36 – Amazon Faced FTC Inquiry, Ignored Customer Complaints About Prime Sign-Ups
9:12 – Amazon Warehouse Workers Stage Coordinated Strikes Demanding $3 Raises
11:16 – Amazon’s ‘Project Iliad’ Made It Harder to Cancel Prime
12:11 – LimeWire Founder “Not Thrilled” That ‘Strangers’ Exploit the Brand for NFT Marketplace
13:19 – Microsoft introduces its DirectStorage API which promises to reinvent game storage
14:29 – Microsoft Expects Negative Feedback on Military HoloLens, Email Shows
16:41 – Microsoft is testing ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer
18:35 – Intel Announces $88 Billion Megafab to Keep Chipmaking in Europe
20:18 – Torguard Settles Piracy Lawsuit and Agrees to Block Torrent Traffic on U.S. Servers
21:49 – Russians liquidating crypto in the UAE to seek safe havens
23:27 – Ford to ship and sell Explorer SUVs with missing chips
24:33 – Walgreens replaced some fridge doors with screens. And some shoppers absolutely hate it
25:47 – Ukraine halts half of world’s neon output for chips, clouding outlook
26:30 – Nvidia and IBM have a plan to connect GPUs straight to SSDs
27:34 – Tesla hikes car prices in the U.S., China after Musk inflation warning
28:11 – Apple Made an Additional $6.5 Billion USD by No Longer Providing Accessories With New iPhones
28:43 – Apple employees evacuate Cupertino campus following potential hazmat situation
29:22 – AMD: EPYC ‘Milan-X’ CPUs Will Be Available This Month
31:07 – PowerPoint begins transitioning from talking points to talking heads
32:41 – Twitter rolls back its decision to force you into the out-of-order timeline
33:22 – Mark Zuckerberg confirms NFTs are coming to Instagram
34:12 – Meta’s latest fines from South Africa and Ireland could represent challenges to international growth
36:20 – Facebook bans death threats on Russia leader Putin despite Ukraine war
37:47 – Instagram is now blocked in Russia
39:30 – TikTok influencers caught being paid pushing Putin’s war propaganda
39:48 – TikTok stars receive White House briefing on Ukraine


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