4/13/22 TPUSA LIVE: Elon Musk Is Liberating Twitter


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Check out today’s show!

No full episode of FRONTLINES today as host Drew Hernandez, is headed to the FRONTLINES, as parents and community members rally outside the gates of Disneyland – calling for everyone who stands against child groomers to boycott the company.

The TPUSA LIVE team is joined by host Jon Root and TPUSA Contributors Alex Clark, Jobob, and TPUSA Ambassador Debra Lea, who will talk about the racist history of the alleged Brooklyn subway shooter, the importance of grassroots activism, and the drama behind Cole & Savannah LaBrant’s new pro-life YouTube video. Plus, you won’t want to miss this weeks ‘What In The World Wednesday!’

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discusses person of interest in the NYC subway attack Frank James, had social media filled with black nationalism and hate. Plus, a lawsuit claims Elon Musk harmed shareholders by waiting too long to disclose his 9.2% stake, special counsel John Durham continues his focus on the Hillary Clinton campaign, and New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin charged with bribery and related offenses.

We will wrap up the show with POPlitics with host Alex Clark, who is covering Britney Spears’ strange pregnancy announcement and Millie Bobby Brown is calling out Hollywood for sexualizing her.


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