This Week in Volcano News; Yellowstone Earthquake, Unrest at Andes Supervolcano


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In the last week, there was significant seismic activity at a supervolcano. One of these supervolcanoes has an ongoing intrusion of magma at 3 miles or 5 kilometers depth in Chile and could produce an eruption in the next several months. Also, in Yellowstone National Park, a magnitude 4.2 quake occurred which led some people to speculate that it was volcanic in origin. And, in Australia, the nation’s most active volcano produced a new eruption, sending a lava flow 2.5 kilometers downslope. This video will discuss these volcano related news stories, as told and analyzed by a volcanologist.

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Graphics of eruption dates are courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institute.

Google Earth imagery used in this video: ©Google

Thumbnail Photo Credit: piqsels

0:00 Great Sitkin Eruption
0:28 This Week’s Top Stories
0:51 Yellowstone Earthquake
2:03 Laguna del Maule Unrest
3:35 Heard Island Eruption
4:05 Full List of Erupting Volcanoes


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