Callie and Arizona I need to be next to you


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Callie and Arizona have been through a lot and we don’t know where they’re going…
But before season 7 starts I had to make this video with the idea; “as long as they have eachother they can move mountains, they can handle every bump in their relationship…”
I hope you enjoy it!

A special thanks goes to CQ who helped me a lot during making this video! 😉

Music: Ilse DeLange – Next to me
I don’t own anything, this video is for entertainment only.

Note; for the best quality, watch in 480p 😉

Note 2; I made this video September 19th, but I had to re-upload this video because I got an other YT account. So… I wasn’t lying in my introduction when I say, I had to make this before season 7 starts! : P


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