SURPRiSE FAMiLY VACATiON!! Adley & Niko are going to DISNEY WORLD travel routine ✈


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who is excited to go on another trip with us?!!


Best Vacation Day Ever 1079

We’re leaving!! That’s right, we’re all packed up and ready to go. Only thing is, Adley doesn’t know where we are going. But I have a surprise for her that will make it all clear and make her way excited all at the same time, a brand new Minnie Mouse suitcase already packed with her clothes. But we aren’t going back to Disneyland, for the very first time, our surprise family trip is going to Disney world!!

We load up the car, get Niko all ready, and head to the airport. We are super lucky because we are running really really late and we barely made our flight. But thankfully we all got on and head off on this amazing adventure.

When we get to our hotel room, Aldey immediately starts touring the room like it’s our new house. We find a hidden fort under the bed, and secret beds all over the room. It’s really crazy! After all the traveling and excitement, Adley and Niko take naps, which is great because Spacestation Gaming’s Rainbow 6 Siege team is playing for the world championship, so Jenny and I are super excited to watch. After a roller coaster of emotions, our team came back from almost losing to winning and being the best in the world!!! I’m so happy, it’s hard to express how good it feels to win a championship like this! By this time the kiddos are awake so we go celebrate by going swimming!!

Important announcement! We are having tons of fun here in Disney world and Brandon is actually now in Disneyland having fun. So while we all have a quick vacation, we aren’t going to post a vlog this Saturday, but the Best Day Ever will be back next Tuesday as always. But you can follow along with us on the Youtube Community tab as well as our instagrams:

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