US Bans Sale of Nvidia Chips to China; Arizona Governor Meets Taiwan's President


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00:00 NTD News Today—9/01/2022
01:16 U.N. Accuses China of Human Rights Abuses
02:28 U.S. Bans Sales of Top Nvidia Chips to China
04:05 Arizona Governor Visits Taiwan’s President
05:49 Special Master Hearing: Trump Repeats Request
08:20 Ex-Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Files Motion
09:49 U.S. Embassy in Columbia Warns Against Travel
10:28 Arizona Fugitive Captured in El Salvador
11:49 Hiring Slows; 132k Jobs Added in August: ADP
13:45 Economist: Labor Market ‘Resilient’
15:07 350k Jobs to Return to U.S. in 2022: Report
16:46 MN: State Nurses Association Announces Strike
17:36 False Evacuation Notice Sent to West Coast
19:38 CT School Admits ‘Subtle’ Indoctrination
21:56 TX Abortion Providers Face Life in Prison
24:24 Trial Set for Man Accused of Raping 10 Yr Old
24:50 Hawaii’s Closes Its Last Coal Power Plant
25:48 No Named Storm in Aug. For 1st Time in 25yrs
26:23 Cleanup After Thousands of Fish Killed in CA
27:05 Father and Son Rescued After Boat Sinks
30:21 Taiwan Vows to ‘counter-attack’ if Invaded
33:02 Congress to Approve $1.1b Arms Sale to Taiwan
33:55 Pitch Black 2022: Planes in ‘Elephant Walk’
35:14 Trudeau Reacts to Case of Canadian Double Spy
36:19 Belgian Government Tries to Lower Energy Use
37:41 Spain to Start Free Transport Scheme
38:30 Danske Bank Forgives Debts for 90k Clients
39:13 Britons Struggle to Keep Pets as Costs Soar
41:22 Divers Repairs Oil Leak on Bulk Carrier
44:57 Tourists Return to France Post Lockdowns
47:00 Parisian Cat Hotel Full in Tourism Rebound
48:43 Cruise Company to Offer Starlink Internet
49:38 3,000-year-old Tomb Found in Peru
50:22 Sharks in Waters Near Urban Beaches: Study

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US Bans Sale of Nvidia Chips to China; Arizona Governor Meets Taiwan’s President

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