Tom Horn – Trailer (Upscaled HD) (1980)


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The saga of Tom Horn – a real-life “enforcer” of Old West days – held a particular fascination for another legend. Hollywood icon Steve McQueen starred in and executive-produced what would be his next-to-last movie, a gritty, exciting recreation of Horn’s latter-day career in a turn-of-the-century West where gentler ways supplanted the law of the gun – and Horn would be an unwitting victim of that change.

Linda Evans, Richard Farnsworth, Billy Green Bush and Slim Pickens head a strong cast in a film capturing the essence of a time when a man’s word was only as good as his guns or fists. Shot on serenely beautiful Arizona locations, Tom Horn indelibly brings to life one of the West’s truly unsung heroes.

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Taken from the 2005 DVD from Warner Home Video.
Upscaled by using Topaz Video Enhance AI.


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