RICK & KELLY'S DAILY SMASH! – Thursday 9/8/2022


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EXCLUSIVE! The backstory on why Wednesday’s show was temporarily pulled off the channel, plus Kelly’s amazing play by play of fulfilling her civic duty, showing up for jury duty in Newport Beach… and why she got sent home early!

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Kelly Leventhal
Rick Leventhal

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About The Rick & Kelly Show:
Kelly and I are really excited to launch this project together, our own show where we can both say ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on our minds without fear of retribution from any corporate bosses. My wife Kelly Leventhal (professionally known as Kelly Dodd) is a bona-fide reality star famous for her raw and unfiltered take on every situation.

Her no-holds-barred style earned her the title of the “most real” of the Real Housewives of Orange County the past five seasons, but also cost her tens of thousands of dollars in fines from the network! Together, we have countless tremendously entertaining stories to tell and can’t wait to share them with you every single week! Subscribe now and be part of our podcast family!

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