Why are my POMEGRANATES ROTTEN inside?


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Leaf-footed bugs have piercing/sucking mouth parts that suck juices from fruit (especially pomegranates) and leave it rotten inside. ⁣⁣
Leaf-footed bugs can damage entire crops if not controlled. If they are a problem for your tree, the following tips may help:⁣⁣
• Learn to identify all stages of leaf-footed bugs: eggs, nymph, and adult.⁣⁣
• Examine plants early in the season and often (daily or several times a week) for all stages of the bug. Remove and destroy all forms of leaf-footed bugs. Early detection and elimination are key in controlling them.⁣⁣
• For best results, look for the pests in the morning since the bugs are less likely to fly away.⁣⁣
• Look for their rope-like eggs under the leaves.⁣⁣
• Remove fallen fruit, the adults often lay eggs near or in the fruit.⁣⁣
• Insecticidal soap can help, but only at the young nymph stage.⁣⁣
• Remove overwintering locations for leaf-footed bugs such as hollowed-out pomegranates left on the tree or on the ground.⁣⁣
What have you found to be helpful when battling leaf-footed bugs? They are definitely one of my least favorite bugs for sure. ⁣⁣
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