Republican & Former News Anchor, Kari Lake, to Run for Arizona Governor | EWTN News Nightly


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Former news anchor, Kari Lake, believes she can be the next governor of Arizona. Arizona is one of 36 governorships up for grabs in November’s midterm elections. Her opponent is Arizona’s Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs. Lake says, “I grew up in a Catholic family. I know Catholics care deeply about a pro-life candidate. They want pro-life candidates. They want candidates that are for education freedom. They want candidates who are for religious freedom. And they want candidates who are willing to help the less fortunate.” The Republican says it’s hard to stomach her opponent’s views on abortion, and that tackling the crisis at the border is also a priority. She blames the Biden Administration for making Arizona a pipeline for illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Lake says many migrants have no other choice than to turn to crime. Capitol Hill Correspondent, Erik Rosales reports.

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