Newsmaker: Arizona avoids power grid issues; Phoenix veteran can walk again using exoskeleton tech


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Part 1:
California once again flirted with a power grid failure due to increased demand from a wicked heat wave. The state is no stranger to rolling blackouts and brownouts. Each summer, their power grid seems to teeter on the brink. But California is not alone: you may remember in February 2021, Texas shut power off to millions of people during the grips of an extreme cold snap. Ted Geisler is the new APS President and he joins FOX 10’s John Hook to talk about how here in Arizona, in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world, we have somehow managed to avoid these power calamities.

Part 2:
It is impossible for most of us imagine losing the ability to stand or walk, but that’s the reality for 5.5 million Americans — many of them are veterans. And one veteran, Richie Neider of Phoenix, took his first steps in 10 years. He was left paralyzed when an I.E.D. exploded when he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The blast severely damaged his spinal cord. We were there when Richie was strapped into an exoskeleton, which allowed him to stand up and walk again. This robotic device is a modern miracle.

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