Episode #95 – The market is not in a free fall. – Phoenix real estate


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This week, we look at the question – Is the market in a free fall? We hear this often or we are asked “How is the market?” 🤔🏡
Good news! The market is not in a free fall and this real estate era is not like 2008….watch to find out why not! 🎆🏡❓🤔❓
If there is a subject related to Real Estate that you would like us to cover, drop us a line and let us know!

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00:00 Introduction
01:12 Joke of the day
02:24 This week in history
04:45 News
13:41 Special report – Is the Market in a free fall?
20:09 Mortgage Rates
20:35 Valley Inventory
23:13 Outtakes


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