Why Consider living in Laveen Arizona | Why I choose Laveen as a place to live | Laveen Realtor


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Why Consider living in Laveen Arizona | Why I choose Laveen as a place to live | Laveen Realtor

I have lived in Laveen Arizona since 2001, and can still remember the reasons I decided to call Laveen my home. This in a way, was the reason and decision process I went through when considering where in the Valley to live or buy a home.
First and foremost, the area I bought had to make sense based on location in the Phoenix area. At the time I was working close to the central Phoenix area, and I did not want long commute times to and from work. Also, I wanted to be able to get to most places in the valley within a reasonable amount of time, and Laveen made perfect sense, because of location.
Second, the choice of Laveen made sense because I was also looking for rural and close to mountains. Laveen still to this very day has a lot of open spaces, ranches and even farms. There are even a couple of dairies in the area as well. Point is, it is NOT row upon row of tract housing and concrete! It actually has open areas..space. Also, there are horse properties, which was another appealing aspect of area.
It was close to the mountains and had a lot to offer for me, an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy hiking, birding, mountain biking, road biking, and the Laveen area offers all that and MORE! There is horse back riding too, there is the audobon society and rio salado riparian area, 17,000 plus acres of mountain preserve…….what else could you ask for? All within REAL close proximity of the metro Phoenix area and down town.
Lastly, home prices. It is also one of the most affordable areas in the valley, and your money can get you a WHOLE lot more in Laveen Arizona.

See home for sale currently in Laveen:


Some of the top subdivisions for buyers in the Laveen Arizona area.

Homes for sale in Cheatham Farms Laveen Arizona

Homes for sale in Dobbins Point

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Homes for sale in Laveen Farms Laveen Arizona

Homes for sale in Laveen Meadows in Laveen Arizona

Homes for sale in Rogers Ranch in Laveen Arizona

Buyers – Laveen offers tons of possibilities and options for buyers. Not only are there great choices, but Laveen qualifies for many of the down payment assistance programs too!
To find out about homes for sale just visit
call David Alan Baker at 602-373-6345

Sellers – Are you considering the sale of your property, but need to find out likely sales price? Also, interested in knowing average time to sell, market information and fees associated with the sale of a property? Simple, request your free consultation at:
call David Alan Baker at 602-373-6345
email at dabaker21@msn.com

I am a Laveen resident and also a Laveen area realtor. I’ve been living in the Laveen area now since 2001, and I’ve always loved it. Love the diversity, the people and the area as a whole.
Been selling real estate along the baseline corridor here in South Phoenix and Laveen since 2004. Started my career with Keller Williams real estate, then moved to Remax, and have not been at Homesmart since about 2013.
I am a bilingual real estate agent, which does allow me to reach and work with a larger demographic. Not only because I speak spanish, but because I also do marketing in spanish as well. So marketing in two languages = a much larger target market, which helps all my clients.

David Alan Baker
Keller Williams Realty Phoenix


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