Pep Guardiola on Phil Foden’s disallowed goal in 1-0 defeat at Liverpool: ‘This is Anfield’ | Football News


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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola criticised the decision to disallow Phil Foden’s goal in their 1-0 defeat at Liverpool, claiming “this is Anfield”.

City had a 53rd-minute strike from Foden ruled out for a foul from Erling Haaland on Fabinho in the build-up after VAR intervened.

Guardiola was apoplectic at the outcome after referee Anthony Taylor was sent to the monitor by VAR Darren England, where he reversed his decision and disallowed the goal.

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“The referee came to the coaches and said play on, play on,” Guardiola told Sky Sports. “There were a million fouls. But after we scored a goal, he decided it is not play on. This is Anfield.

“We had [enough] chances. We had some fantastic chances.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes his side had enough chances to beat Liverpool despite losing 1-0 at Anfield

“All the game we were brave, we played the game we should play and I don’t have any complaints or regrets over how we have done it.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp responded to Guardiola’s “Anfield” comments in his post-match press conference.

“I heard now that people said it was Anfield that made the VAR decision,” the German said.

“With a foul on Mo (Salah), Anfield had no chance to make any impact. It’s a foul on Fabinho [in the lead up to Foden’s goal], I think we agree on that. Is it not enough to pull somebody down?”

Klopp also felt Haaland had committed two infringements in Foden’s disallowed goal as he believed the Norwegian also took the ball out of goalkeeper Alisson’s hands.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was very happy with his side’s performance in their 1-0 victory over Manchester City at Anfield

He told Sky Sports: “He [Taylor] only watched on VAR how Haaland pulled Fabinho down, but Ali [Alisson] has the hand on the ball, and yet if he doesn’t give that, it’s a goal, unbelievable.

“But it’s a clear foul because Ali has one hand on the ball.”

Silva: You want consistency from referee

Bernardo Silva feels Foden's goal should have stood
Bernardo Silva feels Foden’s goal should have stood

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva talking to Sky Sports about the decision to disallow Foden’s goal:

“What we expect from the referees is consistency in the decisions and when you go through a path of not whistling little contacts throughout the whole game, you need to keep those decisions and keep going that way.

“If you want to whistle all of them, whistle all of them, but if from the beginning of the game you’re not – he was letting us play which is good – then if there’s a goal you cannot whistle that soft one.

“If you want consistency from the referee you cannot change just because there’s a goal and just because it’s a tough decision, you have to make the tough decision and keep the goal.”

Carragher agrees with Silva | ‘Slow motion makes it look worse’

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Phil Foden’s goal against Liverpool was disallowed after an earlier Erling Haaland shirt-pull on Fabinho

Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher:

“I agreed with everything Bernardo Silva said. The referee did let a lot go and that’s exactly what we want to see and why everyone around the world will be talking about this game.

“There weren’t lots of goals but it was end to end. It was a brilliant game but that’s why the referee let it go because he’d done that all game.

“I don’t think it should be a question of the referee, it’s VAR Darren England. The referee didn’t blow his whistle because he’d let a lot go, then he’s been sent to the monitor. You can say he should be strong.

“When you look at it in slow motion it looks worse. It’s a 50-50 one. There is a shirt tug, whether Fabinho was going down already only Fabinho knows.”

Neville: Taylor had opportunity to be consistent

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Klopp sent off as tempers flare at Anfield

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville:

“The one thing about the VAR decision is when you think about the referee’s approach to the game. The VAR official could say go and have a look at it.

“I think if Anthony Taylor had been consistent with how he’d actually done it, I thought at the time it was a foul, but the one he let go in the corner with Bernardo (Silva) and (Mohamed) Salah, he’d been letting those types of challenges go all game.

“He had an opportunity to remain consistent when he went over to the screen.

“We shouldn’t be too critical of Anthony Taylor’s approach, I thought it was fantastic and added to this game.”

‘Reversing decision is re-refereeing the game’

Pep Guardiola shows his frustration at Anfield
Guardiola’s side are now four points behind leaders Arsenal

Sky Sports’ Micah Richards:

“Last year, it was the same when the referee decided not to send off James Milner for a foul on Phil Foden.

“Again today, the referee made another big decision. I thought he should’ve gone with his gut, but it wasn’t meant to be.

“If you look at Fabinho, he’s already going down. The referee, if he gives the decision to play on, why not stay with your original decision?

“That is re-refereeing the game in my opinion. I don’t think that’s a clear and obvious mistake.

“I’m not using that as an excuse but when you’re here at Anfield, it’s electric. I’ve heard that over the last few games it’s not been the same, but today it was back to its best.”

Keane: VAR is frustrating

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Mohamed Salah hopes the victory over City will give the squad confidence to try and climb the table

Sky Sports’ Roy Keane:

“You want players to be aggressive and make tackles but if you slow it down, which you have to do, that’s what VAR does, he (Haaland) has a grip on his jersey. The way we play, we want the referee to play on.

“City will be disappointed, Liverpool will say he’s got the right decision. That’s the problem with VAR when you look back at these decisions, it is frustrating and tough on the referees.

“He watched it and let it go, he gets a message to say, ‘Have a look at this’.”

What’s next?

Liverpool are back in action on Wednesday when they host West Ham at Anfield, with kick-off at 7.30pm.

Manchester City have no midweek fixture, meaning their next outing is on Saturday when Brighton travel to the Etihad Stadium, with kick-off at 3pm.

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