Unemployment Rate Driving the Fed Nuts!


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Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show where rents in suburbia are higher than rents in cities and the Fed wants to see you unemployed! Think we’re kidding, right? Think again! You couldn’t make up fiction this good if you tried! Jason Hartman takes you through the latest news stories, predictions affecting the economy and the rise of suburbia.

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 200K new jobs were added in September. Sounds like great news for the economy and people in general, right? Strangely, it runs directly counter to what the Federal Reserve wants to see; they don’t want to see the unemployment rate fall, they don’t want to see you have a job. They want to see you unemployed. That low unemployment rate has to be driving the Fed nuts! Americans working and spending money is something they don’t want to see, as they have forecasted a recession next year, and are looking for the unemployment rate to reach 4.4%.

0:00 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, episode 1906
2:09 Jason’s 2020 prediction – the rise of suburbia
5:10 Cities saw rent increases almost 17% since the beginning of pandemic
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9:26 HousingWire article: Why a good jobs report is bad news for the Federal Reserve
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