Ari Jacob v Taylor Lorenz w/New York Times Refiled her Defamation Lawsuit


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Ariadna Jacob, Taylor Lorenz, New York Times,

As reported by NY Post “The woman who discovered TikTok stars like Addison Rae and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio has accused tech journalist Taylor Lorenz and the New York Times of publishing a defamatory story that she claims destroyed her business.

Lawyers for Ariadna Jacob, 38, allege in an amended lawsuit that Lorenz, who was then reporting for the Times, manipulated Jacob’s TikTok clients into making damaging accusations for the August 2020 article, including a claim that Jacob leaked nude photos of one influencer to “industry people.”

The amended lawsuit filed last week — about a month after a federal judge dismissed the initial lawsuit — alleges that Lorenz “bullied” Jacob’s clients into fabricating the claims against her.’

Ari’s tweet:

Ari states Taylor Lorenz deleted tweets:

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Ariadna Jacob & Influences, inc. Against Taylor Lorenz & The New York Times Company (2nd Amended Complaint):

Taylor Lorenze Article per Claim:

Re: TUG & LegalBytes: Washington Post Amends Taylor Lorenz Column After YouTubers Claim She Never Contacted Them

Ari’s earlier Video on the siituation:

HypeHouse on Netflix as mentioned:


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