How to create REALLY good content? with Gergő Benedek


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Engaging’ copy feels nice to read. Behavior science helps you boost your sales, but you leave money on the table if you settle with mediocre, uninspiring and mainstream style and structure in your written media. In this presentation, I give you simple, easy to use storytelling techniques, that will make your content stand out and offer you a better chance at showcasing your business expertise.

1. Content marketing is about controlling the context.
2. Dynamize your articles with rhythm and tempo to engage your reader and help with understanding.
3. Use metanarratives for triggering subconscious mental patterns (‘myths’).

Gergő is a passionate storyteller, helping organizations to get their message through with building systems for high value content generation. He worked as a journalist, EU PR specialist, and advertising copywriter, before he launched his freelance writer career in 2014. He believes that a lot is being said about copywriting in marketing, but not much about what makes your copy actually good – so good that it is capable of making waves on its own.


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