Jaheim McMillan shooting; Kansas City serial killer; BLM demands LA City Councilmember resign


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10.17.2022 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Jaheim McMillan shooting questions; Kansas City serial killer; BLM demands LA City Councilmember resign

The police shooting of a Mississippi teen has Jaheim McMillan’s family searching for answers while planning his funeral. The police are saying one thing, and the people who saw the teen get shot in the head by a police officer are telling a different story. Civil Rights, Attorney is representing the family. He’ll be here to update us on why the body cam footage has not been released yet.

Ya’ll remember two weeks ago; we told ya’ll that the Kanas City, Missouri Police denied that there were any missing black women. Well, it looks like a black woman escaped her white captive and claims her friends were murdered by the man who held her hostage for weeks. Ryan Sorrell, the Founder and Editor of the Kansas City Defender is back to fill us in on what’s happening in Kansas City.

Black Lives Matter – LA is applying pressure for the remaining Los Angeles City Council member to resign after being caught saying some racist things. Dr. Melina Abdullah, the Director of BLM GR, will tell us about their protest and how she convinced a counter-protestor to change his mind.

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We’ll show you a viral video of a white Milwaukee man detaining a special needs Black man by holding his neck for a suspected stolen bike.

And in our Fit, Live, Win segment, we’re talking about bivalent Covid boosters and if it’s a good idea to get them.

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