Leak: the Samsung Galaxy A54 will have a slightly larger battery


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More details have surfaced about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A54, this time concerning its battery (EB-BA546ABY). It will have a rated capacity of 4,905mAh, up from 4,860mAh on the Galaxy A53.

Considering that the Galaxy A53 is advertised as having 5,000mAh battery, the typical capacity of the A54 battery will likely be listed as 5,100mAh. Does that come with faster charging? We don’t know yet, but probably not – the current model already supports 25W charging (as much as the premium S22 and quite possibly the S23 as well).

The current Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
The current Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

According to a previous report by GalaxyClub, the Galaxy A54 will have a new 50MP main camera (the A52 and A53 had 64MP main cams). Also, it will be skipping the 5MP depth sensor that was present on previous models. A more capable main sensor can collect depth data on its own, so a dedicated sensor may not be needed.

The Samsung Galaxy Ax4 series is expected early next year, they are probably targeting a March launch just like the previous series.

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