Living with the Dark Winters in Sweden | Midnight sun & Polar night


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Dark winters with no sunlight for many weeks, and bright summers with sunlight 24 hours/day. How is it to live with the extreme light conditions that countries in the Northern hemisphere have?
In this video I want to share my own personal experience and perspective of living with the seasons in the North of Sweden, and take you on a journey to the darkest and brightest times of the year, and share the beauty and the challenges that comes with them.

I hope you will enjoy it! Thank you so much for watching! ♥

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You can find most of the songs I use here: (affiliate link)
Break – Roary (Musicbed)
Daydream in A for piano – Eric Kinny (Musicbed)
Daydream in D for cello – Eric Kinny
Cause – Infinite Ripple
Through the storm – Savvun
Memories of Sardinia – Franz Gordon
Oasis – Yi Nantiro
The Goths – Bonnie Grace



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