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About the video:
2022 hasn’t been kind to the global technology space. What’s next, then?

To find out the answer, watch the rerun of the Livestream, ‘Is The Tech Bite Thawing?’ with veteran portfolio manager William de Gale, FCA, CFA (Fund Manager, BlueBox Asset Management UK Ltd.) who analyses the Global Technology space hosted by Sahil Kapoor (Head- Products & Market Strategist, DSP Investment Managers Pvt Ltd), and engage in an in-depth and insightful conversation on how the technology world is brewing and turning out to be an excellent investment opportunity.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:44 – William de Gale talks about the sharp decline in Technology stocks
14:43 – Did the pandemic induce super spending by other corporates into technology?
24:26 – Will the US produce more semiconductors gaining an advantage over China?
30:51 – Disruptors vs Enablers in the Technology industry? How does William split the Technology space when it comes to investing?
40:39 – Does William think that the worst is in the past for Tech industry?
44:08 – Which part of the market does William find the most attractive now?
50:58 – What worries William the most about this Tech story?
56:15 – Why does William avoid China market despite it being cheap?
59:02 – Will the Cryptocurrency market recover and are there future opportunities in this technology?
1:02:12 – What is William’s advice to investors looking to invest in the Technology space?


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