Why ‘Interfaith’ Isn’t a Dirty Word + Simran Jeet Singh


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Happy holidays!

In New York City, the phrase has nothing to do with a culture war and everything to do with being a good neighbor. A recent NY Times article describes the city as “a swirling kaleidoscope of faiths,” and living within that colorful milieu has profoundly shaped our posture toward other religions. On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy discuss the ways New York City has exposed us to the beauty and wisdom of other faith traditions, while introducing us to the importance of interfaith work in a country that will come to more and more resemble the pluralism of our city.

We are joined by Simran Jeet Singh, a fellow transplant to New York, who is dedicated to anti-racism and interfaith cooperation. As a Sikh, Singh knows what it’s like to be the minority at the interfaith table and has helpful insights into how Christians, as the majority, can be good partners and allies.


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