Booking A FSBO Appointment LIVE With A Cold Call | The Walk Thru 035


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The 2023 housing market, the Ecklund-Gomes team signing with Elliman, what NOT to do during the holidays, 21 irresistible email subject lines, and Tom Toole’s masterful live FSBO call are today’s topics as Dan Oneil and Tom Toole join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent.

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00:00–02:51 Intro
02:51 Topic #1: Where the 2023 housing market is headed
08:14 The one thing Byron is waiting to see in January
14:18 Topic #2: Ecklund & Gomes sign 5 year deal with Douglas Elliman
19:36 There is value in having a great partnership.
28:57 Topic #3: What NOT to post during the holidays
29:26 The Broke Agent reveals the biggest holiday marketing fails
34:34 Yes to DMs, personal videos, and being human
35:11 Topic #4: Email subject lines
37:33 The Broke Agent shares one of his favorites
38:21 Topic #5: Tom Toole’s FSBO call
43:18 Tom’s live FSBO call
49:37 Byron’s big takeaways

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