Mississippi police fatally shoot woman holding Walmart worker hostage | New York Post


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Mississippi police shot and killed a woman who was holding a Walmart worker hostage in a tense, caught-on-camera ordeal Wednesday.

Corlunda McGinister, 21, was fatally shot by officers inside the megastore’s Richland location after bizarrely pleading to speak with a news anchor while she held onto the petrified worker, according to authorities and footage of the incident.

Richland police reported on social media Wednesday there was an “incident at Walmart involving a weapon” around 5:45 p.m., and then hours later issued another report that there was an “officer-involved shooting” inside the chain store.

Footage circulating online showed a woman, who appeared to be holding a gun, making a specific demand.

“Hey, give me a news anchor down here right now,” the woman said as she appeared to have the gun in one hand while using her other hand to hold onto the hostage.

“I need help, I need help,” she said, according to the footage. “Give me a news anchor down here.

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