NOW: Jimmy G RETURNING For Playoffs & Replacing Brock Purdy? 49ers Rumors, Nick Bosa, George Kittle


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We have a loaded slate of 49ers news and rumors on today’s show, involving Jimmy Garoppolo, Brock Purdy, Nick Bosa and George Kittle and it’s all presented by Rhone! Their Commuter Collection offers the world’s most comfortable pants, dress shirts, quarter zips and polos. Get 20 percent off at with the code CHATSPORTS. According to Jay Glazer, the 49ers are hopeful that Jimmy Garoppolo can return in the NFL playoffs with the 49ers being in the thick of the NFC playoff picture. Could Garoppolo replace Brock Purdy, who’s been balling out?

More 49ers news and rumors: If the 49ers can win the Super Bowl, there’s an argument behind DeMeco Ryans’ defense being the best of all-time, led by Nick Bosa highlights. Bosa is two sacks behind Aldon Smith for tying the franchise record. We’ll also discuss the latest George Kittle highlights. Hangout with Chase Senior as he brings you the best 49ers analysis.

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Jimmy G rumors and Jimmy Garoppolo injury update:
Lynch: Garoppolo is out of his cast and in a boot
Jimmy G is progressing well in his rehab
Glazer: Niners are hopeful Garoppolo can return during the playoffs

Type ‘BP’ for Brock Purdy
Type ‘JG’ for Jimmy Garoppolo

Brock Purdy highlights since week 13:
Passer rating: 110.0 (1st)
Pass TD/Att: 7.5 (T-1st)
Win PCT: 1.000 (1st)

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Jay Glazer (On Jimmy G rumors)
“He’ll have [the walking boot] taken off after next weekend’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The team is holding out hope that there’s a possibility—even though [QB Brock] Purdy is playing great—that Garoppolo will be able to play in the postseason. But they’ll know more when they get that walking boot taken off after next week’s game.”

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