Biden Encourages Transing Kids But Gives Facebook A PG-13 | Ep. 1174


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Biden’s surgeon general says 13-year-olds are too young for social media but old enough to “transition,” Minnesota adopts the abortion policies of communist China and North Korea, and Ron DeSantis finally responds to President Trump’s attacks.

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0:00 Biden Surgeon General: 13 Too Young for Social Media
2:40 My Favorite Comment
5:08 Minnesota to Legalize Abortion at Any Point in Pregnancy
7:52 BBC Correspondent with Surrogate Child
14:47 DeSantis Looking to Cut DEI Staff at Universities
19:20 DeSantis Responds to Trump’s Attacks
22:38 Santos Steps Down from Committees
25:49 Migrants Refuse to Leave Luxury Hotel in Manhattan
29:35 CNN Calls out Schiff
32:16 Pompeo: Schiff Leaked Classified Info
34:21 Dem. Rep. Sarah Jacobs: States Forcing Pregnancy on People
36:35 Kamala Explains Rocketships
40:06 FDA Gives Go-Ahead to Lab-Grown Meat

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