The Exposing of “Liver King” || Mini Documentary


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Welcome to Docutopia! Today’s video is a mini-documentary about Brian Johnson aka the Liver King. The Liver King claims his ancestral tenants were the reason he had an incredible physique. He vehemently claimed countless times that he was “natty” and did not use steroids or other PEDs. This mini-documentary chronicles the rise of Liver King, his ancestral tenants which govern his lifestyle choices, and how he was sued for millions of dollars once he was exposed as a fraud and a liar in the fitness and health community.

#LiverKing #Exposed #LiverKingLie

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 How Liver King claimed to be Natural but was on Steroids
3:00 How Liver King built his multi-million dollar net worth
4:40 Liver King’s business ventures (Ancestral Supplements)
5:56 9 Ancestral Tenants
9:37 Sued for $25 Million
10:57 Conclusion

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to harm anyone’s reputation or character. The subject matter might not be 100% factual but is moreso speculation and alleged stories that have been reported. This video is sheerly documenting and reporting on what is already public knowledge in the public domain and adding our thoughts and opinions for viewer entertainment.
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