Full Time RV Living | From Kingman KOA Journey to Oatman, Arizona


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We are slowly making our way North for our summer gig and traveling alongside our friends we met at Quartzsite, Wayne and Sherry of @foreverfreerv.

After spending about a week at Craggy Wash BLM in Lake Havasu we made our way into Kingman. We needed to fill up on water, take showers, and clean out our tanks so we decided to treat ourselves and stay at an RV Park for a few days.

The only place that had availability for two rigs was Kingman KOA Journey, so we stayed there. Usually, when we travel we boondock as much as possible and only stay at campgrounds when absolutely necessary to save money, but right now we’re traveling with friends and really trying to enjoy ourselves before they head back to Canada.

The KOA was a little more than we would like to have spent, but they had ping pong, foosball, and putt putt golf that you could play for free, so that made up for it. They also had on-site laundry and a hot tub! The hot tub honestly didn’t get that hot, but as a full time RVer, I am never going to complain about the opportunity to take a full body soak. It was wonderful.

We visited Oatman, Arizona and the sights on the way there were beautiful, unfortunately I had to see most of them while editing because driving on those tiny roads with so many twists and turns, while slowly climbing higher and higher were just a little too much for me.

While in Oatman we did a little shopping, enjoyed a beer at the saloon, took lots of photos, and even met that mayor! If you haven’t been to Oatman, I would definitely recommend it, but not in your rig. DON’T GO UP THE MOUNTAIN IN YOUR RIG!

On the way back, we saw beautiful wildflowers growing all over the hillside so we had to stop and take in the beauty that was there before us.

We hope you all enjoyed this video and we’d love to know if you’ve ever visited Oatman, Arizona or stayed at a KOA before. If so, what was your experience like?

** Thanks again to Vevor for sending us this RV Extension Cord!
If you’d like to grab one yourself, you can find them here: https://amzn.to/3XLtGlp **

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Safe Travels Y’all,
– Luke & Da Leigh

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