You’ve just spent a long weekend shopping for gifts for others. You’ve drained your budget. But a getaway in the new year (which you both need and deserve) is within your reach, thanks to’s Travel Tuesday sale, which offers 30% off or more on stays.

We’ve always loved because it’s a fantastic aggregator of boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, hotels and hostels around the world. Looking for a non-chain hotel in another country? will pull together your options, no need to try to hunt down properties via Google and Google-translate their website. Even better, is as obsessive as we are about amenities (you can sort by rooms with air conditioning, on-site laundry and more) and see all the amenities clearly listed for every room you look up. also handles the payment for many of the properties on its site, so you can securely pay by credit card in advance, rather than have to run to an ATM and scavenge enough local currency onsite or have the front desk tell you your credit card does not work.

You can use for flights, car rentals and cruises, too, but the Travel Tuesday 30% off deal applies to stays only (you can still get 25% off on attractions and tours, though).

When is Travel Tuesday?

Travel Tuesday falls the day after Cyber Monday. Travel sites have long had a tradition of extending their Cyber Monday sales by “one more day,” and, thus, Travel Tuesday became A Thing.

What is Travel Tuesday?

Travel Tuesday is a one-day online shopping holiday during which travel booking sites, airlines, hotel chains and all purveyors of travel offer special limited-time deals. Most deals are geared at travel sites trying to sell rooms, plane seats, resort suites and cruise cabins during travel dead zone in the months after the holidays.’s Travel Tuesday Sale: How to Get 30% Off


The Travel Tuesday sale is a continuation of its Black Friday deals. The savings end Nov. 29, and you must complete your trip before the end of 2024. That’s actually a pretty broad time frame (some of this year’s Travel Tuesday and Cyber Week travel deals had a window of only the first several months of 2024).

The discount varies by property, but you’ll save 30% or MORE.

Here’s how to book and get the discount:

First, add your destination and dates:

The properties eligible for the discount will have a “Black Friday Deal” flag. (Note: gives you the total price for your entire stay, rather than per night, so you can easily see what falls into your budget).


Then, choose a room and your cancellation policy. At this property, you can see that all the rates are discounted by the same amount (you’ll just pay more overall if you want free cancellation and/or breakfast, but you’ll still get a discount).


What’s particularly good about this sale is that, for the properties we viewed, most of the options within the Black Friday sale were discounted. While other Travel Tuesday deals excluded refundable rates or upgraded rooms,’s sale generally works for most room types and cancellation policies. We found only a few exceptions in popular cities during peak travel dates like New Year’s Eve, for which some upgraded options and free-cancellation options weren’t discounted. In most cases, though, you can truly customize your vacation, opt for free cancellation and still save.

Another thing we love about this sale, is that you can use it for mundane, everyday travel, too. A lot of Travel Tuesday deals are useable only on vacation travel (resorts, cruises, vacation packages). That’s because travel providers want to sell pricier vacations during the off-season. But what if you want to (or have to) go to Indianapolis in February? still has deals, to the tune of just $50 a night.

What about last-minute holiday travel? It can be really hard to find discounted rooms on peak date’s like New Year’s Eve, especially this late in the game. While the deals are less plentiful for New Year’s Eve bookings, there are still some properties in popular New Year’s Eve destinations that are part of’s Travel Tuesday sale:


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