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Las Vegas is known as “Sin City” for many reasons, and new research findings suggest Nevada’s largest metropolis continues to live up to its reputation.

Las Vegas Most Sinful City WalletHub
No surprise here: Las Vegas has been named the “Most Sinful City in America” by personal finance website WalletHub. The distinction, however, hasn’t turned away homebuyers in Southern Nevada. (Image: Getty)

Researchers at WalletHub, a personal finance website, unveiled their rankings on Monday of the “Most Sinful Cities in America” for 2023. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas ranked first among the 182 cities analyzed.

Las Vegas topped the rankings with a “Vice Index” of 63 out of a possible 100 points. Houston came in second at 57 points.

WalletHub considered five components in tallying each city’s sin grade. They included “anger and hatred,” “jealousy,” “excesses and vices,” “greed,” and “lust.”

Las Vegas ranked first in greed, fourth in lust, 12th in jealousy, 31st in anger and hatred, and 84th in excesses and vices.

Las Vegas tops the list of the most sinful cities this year. The city has a ’round-the-clock nightlife as well as an abundance of casinos that make you forget what time it is and how much you can afford to wager. Plus, there’s no shortage of adult entertainment options in Sin City — not to mention a plethora of buffets to pig out on, spas in which to channel your inner sloth, and more,” the WalletHub report summarized.

North Las Vegas ranked 15th as the Most Sinful City. Henderson and Reno also ranked high, respectively No. 25 and No. 27.

All Press is Good Press

While some cities might fret at the idea of being labeled the Most Sinful City in America, Las Vegas won’t lose any sleep over the distinction. Sin City has been dubbed the Most Sinful City by WalletHub each year since the personal finance website first tallied its list of sinning cities in 2016.

Casino.org’s Scott Roeben poked fun at the rankings last year by labeling WalletHub a “renowned research institution.” Roeben, a Las Vegas insider who runs the popular VitalVegas account on X, said being labeled the Most Sinful City is a “prestigious honor.” Roeben opined that the WalletHub rankings have more to do with driving traffic to its website.

WalletHub said it tallies the sinful cities rankings to help advise those considering relocating to make “positive life changes.” That includes “improving their financial situation or giving up their vices.”

For someone seeking a reprise from vices and sin, WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said Las Vegas isn’t the only city that should be given extra scrutiny.

“Las Vegas topped the list for the most sinful cities this year, but the other cities gave Sin City a run for its money,” Happe said. “While Vegas may have a hold on the greedy and excessive folks, second-place Houston has almost as many options for those looking to indulge their lustful side, with the city’s high concentration of adult entertainment venues. On the other hand, residents of third-ranked Philadelphia have a history of researching plastic surgery options, which could be a sign of their vanity.”

Las Vegas Housing Market

Though it continues to be called the Most Sinful City in America, the Las Vegas housing market continues to blossom.

The median sale price for a single-family home in Las Vegas in October was $449K up more than $100K from October 2020 when the median price was just $340,200.

High interest rates have slowed the market a bit, as home sales dropped nearly 7% in October from September.


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