The game has just hit the App Store with a fun retro twist. Players can collect and train more than 120 unique creatures. You can also customize the monster trainer with hundreds of different options while also exploring a JRPG narrative.

Taking obvious inspiration from Pokemon, you’ll start on your first day as Battle Researcher in the land of Velua. The day is going normally until a mysterious force appears and attacks. So it’s up to you to build squad of Coromon to battle invaders and understand the threat/

A major highlight is the tactical, turn-based battles. You’ll need to mater a battle system where each action costs resources. So you will need to be careful when selecting skills, status effects, and attacks to best battle enemies.

You can also battle friends in an online comments to see whose squads are the best.

In the story, you can explore six major zones and cities with different routes to explore. You will play a key role through the well-crafted narrative.

And you can play the game exactly how you want. You can enjoy the game on the easiest setting to explore the setting or challenge yourself. There is also a Randomizer and Nuzlocke mode to put some interesting twists when catching creatures.

There are also a number of mobile-ready features like Titan Rush, daily and weekly challenges, along with new mini games.

For the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Coromon is a free download now. The early part of the game is free to play, but a $4.99 in-app purchase will unlock the entire game.

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