People love Samsung’s Galaxy A5x series of mid-range smartphones. They love it so much, in fact, that each of its members has been the best selling model for the Korean company for a few years running. And the latest in the family is of course the Galaxy A54. It’s no surprise then that this seems to get a lot of love too. Based on our stats, we can confirm that it’s been the mid-ranger you are interested in the most, and have been ever since it came out.

So what makes the A54 so enticing? The brand definitely has something to do with it. Maybe this is the way to get a Samsung, for a lot of people, without spending Galaxy S money. And you do get a lot of the look this time around too – the company has been aligning its designs for its entire range of slab-style smartphones in 2023 more than ever before, so from afar, this will definitely be recognizable to almost anyone as a Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A54 long-term review

But that can’t be the entire story, can it? Surely there’s some magic at work here, a rare pairing of features that many people want with a price that most are willing to pay. Right? Well, that’s what we set out to explore by using the Galaxy A54 as our one and only smartphone for an extended period of time. This long-term review chronicles our ensuing impressions.

Does it have what it takes to be the mid-range smartphone of the year? Does it stand above the competition in all regards? Is it so good that you should just pick one up without even giving it a second thought? Spoiler alert: no. No to all of those. Intrigued? Good. Join us over the next few pages as we explain ourselves and let you know what you’re actually getting, in terms of user experience, if you choose this phone.

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