November 20, 2023

You are invited to The Power of Opportunities: How Supporting People with Criminal Records is Good for Public Safety, Strengthens our Economy, and Provides a Better Future for Arizona

1 in 3 Americans, including over 2 million people in Arizona, have some type of criminal record. Even old and minor records can prevent people from getting safe housing and jobs. The unemployment and underemployment of people with records costs the United States economy an estimated $87 billion each year. Please join us on Dec. 6 from 10:30-11:45 MST for a conversation about how supporting people coming out of the justice system benefits communities, strengthens
our economy, promotes public safety, and is good for working families. The panel event and Rasa’s Record Clearance Clinic and Resource Fair are free to attend. If you or someone you know could benefit from this event, please RSVP here.

Event Details:

Moderated by Noella Sudbury, Founder and CEO of Rasa Legal

● Director Ryan Thornell, Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and
● Vice Chief Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer, Arizona Supreme Court
● Councilman Kevin Robinson, Former Associate Phoenix City Police Chief &
Phoenix City Council District 6
● Nyra Jordan, Director of Social Impact, American Family Insurance
● Brandy Smith, Formerly Incarcerated Advocate & Program Director at the
Arouet Foundation
● Kurt Altman, Right on Crime

Attendees must RSVP at Interviews with Noella Sudbury are available prior to the event. For media inquiries, please contact Emily Moench at [email protected] or (385) 234-1551.

About Rasa

Rasa is a legal tech company on a mission to provide simple and affordable criminal record clearance, including expungement, sealing, set-asides, rights restoration, and certificates of second chance. The company developed sophisticated computer software that analyzes criminal record databases and streamlines many of the complex
and time-consuming steps associated with record clearance. These affordable legal services clear a path for access to housing and jobs, higher wages, and a better quality of life for those who have been held back by background checks. For more information, visit

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