The weather outside is frightful, but the iOS games are so delightful, let it play, let it play, let it play.

Winter is almost here, and the days are shorter and colder to possibly leave you in the house more. Keep yourself occupied with a wide range of different iOS games that put you in the cold without having to be cold. Whether its snowboarding, making snowman, or surviving the arctic you can do it from the comfort of your iOS device with these great games.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an infinite runner where you will hit the slopes of a beautiful mountain and go on a journey of recovering the escaping llamas. You will meet different characters that you can play as, soar through the sky, collect coins, grind on wires, and perform awesome tricks while getting some air. It’s one of the most beautiful endless runners there is, and you will fall in love on first sight.

The game sets itself apart from the rest with unique style and flair. The artwork is gorgeous, the music is tranquil and calming, and the dynamic lighting and weather can really change up the pace of the game. Being able to do some cool tricks while getting hang time and grinding the wires on poles is fun too, and racing elders will give you quite the adrenaline rush. Alto’s Adventure is one not to be missed.

For the iPhone and all iPad models, it’s a $4.99 download.

A Good Snowman

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build is fun, heart-warming puzzler. As the monster completes his creations in the snow, he gives them a cute hello by name and a sweet hug. With simple yet attractive visuals, this is a fun and creative puzzle game.

If you enjoy puzzle games with charming stories, then you will like A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build. You cannot help but like the little monster and want to help him make his friends, the snowmen.

You can download the iPhone and iPad game for $4.99.

Snowboard Party: World Tour

Snowboard Party is jam packed with features including five game modes allowing you to play freestyle, halfpipe, big air, time-attack, and multiplayer.

It’s great to see your snowboarder slide down the mountain, and pull off tricks across 21 unique locations.

You can download the iPhone and iPad game for free. There are a number of other in-app purchases available.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Play as Nuna and her trusty fox as you try to survive in the Arctic. It’s a puzzle platformer that requires you to switch between two characters to figure out the path forward. There’s an authentic Inuit storyline as well as realistic snow environment to add to the overall expereince.

The game is perfect those who like puzzle platformers with a detailed storyline and setting.

The iPad and iPhone game is $4.99.

Flick Champions Winter Sports

Flick Champions Winter Sports gives you well known sports, translated into touch interactions allowing you to swipe, tap, and flick to win. The Winter Sports version includes slalom, skating, ski jumping, ice hockey, curling, snowball fight, biathlon, and sledges.

If you enjoy winter sports and casual games, Flick Champions Winter Sports is perfect for you. You’ll find loads of activities to perform and content to unlock.

You can download the iPhone and iPad game for $0.99. An in-app purchase can unlock all of the game’s items.

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