Benefits Earning FAQs Joining Redeeming Circle vs. RedCard

Virtually every major retailer has some kind of rewards program, and Target has one of our favorites. The chain’s free loyalty club, Target Circle, hooks members up with rewards for shopping, in addition to other deals and savings opportunities.

Target rolled out Target Circle in October 2019 with the goal of creating an easier, more rewarding shopping experience. Target Circle replaced the retailer’s previous loyalty program, Target Cartwheel. 

If you’re considering joining Target Circle, keep reading — we’ve put together a complete guide to literally everything you need to know about Target’s enticing rewards program. 

How Target Circle Works

The primary purpose of Target Circle is to reward loyal customers for shopping at Target. It works like this: After joining for free, Target Circle members earn 1% back on qualifying purchases every time they shop at Target. The percent-back rewards can be used towards a future Target purchase. 

Benefits of Target Circle 

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Getting 1% back on Target purchases isn’t the only benefit of Target Circle. Membership also includes these perks:

  • Access to hundreds of deals and personalized offers for up to 50% off.
  • Access to exclusive members-only sales.
  • A birthday gift where you get 5% off a single item, valid for 30 days from your birthday.
  • Votes that help Target decide which local nonprofit organizations to donate to.
  • Exclusive offers for Target Circle partners, such as Ulta and Apple.
  • Exclusive access to certain Black Friday deals and pre-Black Friday deals.

How to Sign up for Target Circle

Signing up for Target Circle is free, quick and easy. There are three ways to join Target Circle: 

  1. Create a account: If you have an existing account or create a new one online, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Target Circle. 
  2. Use the Target app: You can also sign up for Target Circle using the account tab in the Target app. 
  3. In stores: Finally, you have the option to sign up for Target Circle in stores at checkout — just ask the sales associate about joining. 

When you sign up for Target Circle, expect to provide an email address and optional phone number. You will use your phone number to look up your account when shopping in-store. 

How To Earn Target Circle Rewards

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If you are a member of Target Circle, here’s how you earn 1% back on purchases: 

Target Stores

  • Scan your Target circle barcode located in your Wallet in the Target app. 
  • Enter the phone number you registered with on the keypad or self-checkout screen at checkout.

If you forget to do either of these things at checkout, you can use the Target app to retroactively enter the receipt for Target Circle rewards. Within seven days of purchase, use the app to scan your receipt or enter it manually to earn rewards on that purchase.

You need only be logged into your Target account to automatically earn 1% back on purchases. 

Target App

If you link your Target Circle account to your Target app, you’ll automatically earn 1% back on in-app purchases. 

How To Redeem Target Circle Rewards

How do Target rewards work? You can simply redeem them like cash towards your purchase during your next visit to Target. 

Here’s how you can redeem your Target Circle rewards:

In Target Stores

At checkout, provide the phone number you signed up with or scan your Wallet in the Target app. At payment, either select your Target Circle balance or tell the sales associate you wish to redeem your Target Circle earnings. Your balance will be applied to your purchase. At a self-checkout station? Open the Target app, tap “Show My Barcode” and scan it.


Before checking out on, make sure you are signed into your account. During checkout, you can choose to apply your Target Circle earnings to your order. 

Via the Target App 

During checkout on the Target app, choose to apply your Target Circle earnings to your order. 

Keep in mind when you choose to redeem your rewards, you must redeem your full balance in the same transaction — you can’t choose to redeem only part of your balance. If your purchase total is less than your current rewards balance, you will be unable to access your remaining rewards balance until the transaction is completely processed. 

Target Circle vs. Target RedCard

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The Target Circle rewards program is separate from a Target RedCard, the store’s credit or debit card. If you sign up for a Target RedCard credit or debit card, you receive 5% off at Target every time you shop in stores, online or through the Target app. 

Other Target RedCard benefits include: 

  • Free two-day shipping from Target. 
  • An extra 30 days for returns and exchanges. 
  • Exclusive offers. 

If you are a Target RedCard holder, you will automatically be signed up for Target Circle. However, the savings do not combine. As a Target RedCard holder, you will get 5% off on your Target purchases instead of — and not in addition to — earning 1% in rewards. 

One key difference between the two programs is that Target Circle rewards must be redeemed during a future visit. By contrast, a Target RedCard immediately takes 5% off your current purchase. 

Everything Else About Target Circle Rewards

What Happened to Target Cartwheel?

Target Cartwheel no longer exists, and Target Circle replaced it as Target’s loyalty program in 2019. The beloved deals and “digital coupon clipping” aspect of Cartwheel, however, lives on in Circle. Circle gives the added benefit of 1% cash back on all purchases.

What Can You Buy With Target Circle Rewards?

You can use your Target Circle rewards on any purchase from Target, with a few exceptions. These are purchases you can’t buy with Target Circle rewards:

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Dairy products.
  • Prescription medications. 

See the full list of excluded items in the Target Circle terms and conditions

Which Purchases Are Eligible to Earn Target Circle Rewards? 

You earn Target Circle rewards on virtually every purchase made in Target stores, on or using the Target app, with a few exceptions. 

These are purchases that don’t earn you Target Circle rewards:

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Prescription medications. 
  • Target Optical purchases. 

See the full list of excluded items in the Target Circle terms and conditions

Can You Stack Target Circle Offers?

In general, yes. Unless the terms of the offer forbid it, you can often stack Target Circle offers with other Target Circle offers and with other coupons. We recently stacked two Target Circle offers (5% off Burt’s Bees products AND a free $5 Target gift card when you purchase three Burt’s Bees products):

Image: RetailMeNot

You can also often use Target Circle offers on top of manufacturer coupons (which you’ll find taped to Target products on shelves).

And don’t forget the ultimate stacking shopping hack: Combining Target Circle offers with cash back. By clicking through from RetailMeNot, you can automatically earn cash back on your Target online run (and redeem that cash via Venmo and PayPal). Check our Target page for the latest Target cash-back offer.

What Is the Target Circle Apple Offer? 

Target has teamed up with Apple to offer Target Circle members deals on Apple subscriptions. Here’s what’s included in the Target Circle Apple offer: 

These deals are available until Feb. 3. Note that they are only available to new users — if you’ve ever subscribed or used a free trial on any of the services, you’re ineligible for the Target Circle Apple offer. 

Do Target Circle Rewards Expire?

Yes. Your Target Circle earnings will expire if you do not earn or redeem rewards for one year. 

What Is the Target Circle and Ulta Beauty Rewards Offer? 

Target recently partnered with Ulta beauty store and has opened mini Ulta shops at 100 Target stores. The retailer says it plans to add Ulta mini shops to 800 Target locations. 

As part of the partnership, Target lets members of Ulta Beauty Rewards — Ulta’s rewards program — connect their Ulta Beauty Rewards and Target Circle accounts. Linking these two accounts allows you to earn Ulta Rewards points and 1% in Target Circle rewards every time you shop at Ulta mini shops inside Target. It’s a good way to save at Ulta and Target simultaneously.

Is There a Target Circle App?

No, there’s not a stand-alone Target Circle app. Target Circle is rolled into the Target app, so you can manage offers, stash gift cards, manage your Target RedCard, and, of course, SHOP all in one place.

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