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We are in the midst of winter’s chill here, and the way I’m styling my hair these days reflects the season perfectly. Whether it’s flowing freely or neatly pulled back, managing my hair in the cold is all about moisture and protection. I usually opt for nourishing serums and masks to keep my locks hydrated and shielded from the dry, wintry air. I love the elegant and effortless look of loose waves, but when braving the cold, a sleek ponytail or bun paired with a hydrating leave-in conditioner keeps my hair in place. Lately, I’ve been wearing it more straight, with the ends curled to give it a blow-out look, as styled here. I use this curling iron to achieve the look. Below is a selection of my favorite products, tools, and accessories for taking care of hair during the winter season.

cream sweater black leather skirt
cream sweater black leather skirt

Experience effortless detangling and reduced hair breakage with this marbled brush, a gentle yet effective solution for smoother, tangle-free hair.

Nourish and revitalize your hair with this comprehensive kit featuring an expertly curated selection of hair care essentials, promoting healthy and lushious locks.

Elevate your next updo with the timeless elegance of this checkered shell print hair claw, a chic accessory that adds a touch of sophistication while holding your hair securely.

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