As the US SEC prepares to make its final decision regarding Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has officially listed the Spot ETFs tickers from investment management firm, VanEck.

VanEck’s Spot ETF Ticker Listed on DTCC

American investment management firm VanEck’s Spot Bitcoin ETF has recently appeared on the active and pre-launch list of the DTCC. VanEck’s ETF can be identified by the ticker ‘HODL’ on the DTCC’s official platform. 

This move positions VanEck as a key player in the evolving landscape of Spot ETF investments. Additionally, the listing is seen as a crucial step towards integrating Spot Bitcoin ETFs into the mainstream financial sector if the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decides to approve Spot Bitcoin ETFs. 

Alongside VanEck, WisdomTree’s Spot Bitcoin ETF ticker, ‘BTCW’ has also been officially listed on the DTCC website. The investment management firm previously submitted its Spot BTC ETF application to the US SEC in June 2023. However, the regulator has consistently delayed approval of WisdomTree’s Spot Bitcoin ETF application. 

The US SEC has also delayed 13 Spot Bitcoin ETF applications from prominent companies such as BlackRock, ARK Invest, Grayscale, and others. The regulatory agency faces a deadline of January 10, to either accept or reject these Spot Bitcoin ETF applications. 

Although there is a possibility for the SEC to decline Spot BTC ETFs several experts, including Bloomberg analysts, James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas have revealed a 90% chance of the regulator approving Spot BTC ETFs in January. 

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VanEck Reveals $72 Million Bitcoin ETF Seed Fund

On Monday, January 8, VanEck submitted an amended Spot Bitcoin ETF S-1 filing to the SEC. In its filing, VanEck disclosed that the financial company had purchased 1,640.92489329 BTC worth $72.5 million on January 5, to support its Spot ETF.

The substantial seeding will provide a solid foundation for VanEck’s Spot Bitcoin ETF, potentially paving the way for increased participation by institutional investors. 

In addition to VanEck’s Seed Creation Baskets, major asset management companies in the Spot Bitcoin ETF race like BlackRock, Bitwise, and Fidelity have announced their various seed funds.

Bitwise revealed a $200 million seed fund made by Pantera Capital to support its Spot BTC ETF. The asset management company has also put forward $500,000 to fund its proposed Spot BTC ETF. 

Meanwhile, BlackRock and Fidelity have announced plans to seed their Spot Bitcoin ETFs with $10 million and $20 million respectively. BlackRock previously submitted an amended S-1 filing to the SEC in December, revealing a 227.9 BTC purchase to seed its Spot ETF by January 3. 

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