In a new release, Apple confirmed that users will be able access a number of popular streaming apps on the service including Disney+, ESPN, MLB, PGA Tour, Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok, and MUBI.

When watching Disney+, you will be able to watch TV and movies in four iconic and highly-detailed environment. Some of those include the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc., Marvel’s Avengers Tower looking into Manhattan, and the cockpit of Luke Skywalker’s land speeder facing a binary sunset on Tatooine.

A number of 3D movies will also be available including The Way of Water, Dune, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Vision Pro will also feature Apple Immersive Video. Those will be 180-degree 3D 8K recording with Spatial Video. Some of those available will include Prehistoric Planet Immersive and Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room.

Dinosaur fans will also enjoy the Encounter Dinosaurs app developed by Apple and shipping with Vision Pro. It will give users a peak into the Cretaceous period more than 66 million years ago.

Pre-orders for the $3,499 device will open two weeks before at 5 a.m. PT on Friday, Jan. 19. Optical inserts will cost $99 for readers and $149 for a prescription.

Apple terms the headset spatial computing. Running visionOS, the device will feature an App Store with compatible iOS and iPadOS apps along with titles made just for the device.

Instead of controllers, you’ll interact with simple hand gestures like a finger pitch. Siri support will also allow you to interact with the device and things like open an app or play media.

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