First up is a unique way to control white balance. A 3D white balance trackball allows for finer and more precise control.

Developer LateNiteSoft, the team behind the popular Camera+ apps, talks more about the feature in a blog post:

Gone is the old white balance wheel that simply made your photo warmer or cooler. We’ve replaced the boring two dimensional control with a brand new snappy 3D ball. Changing the color tone of your photo is as simple as moving the ball towards the color you want more of. And if you want it just a smidge more (or less), just tap the arrows at each cardinal point to adjust step by step. If at any point you’d like to reset your choice, simply tap the “auto” button.

You can now also use the 18 percent gray card, a photography mainstay, with Photon Camera. After activating manual white balance, tap on the gray card option. Point your camera at the card and then select Confirm. Your white balance is now set

The version 2.0 update also ensures that controls are consistent in both portrait and landscape orientation when shooting in 48MP mode.

Photon Camera is a free download for the iPhone. You’ll need a subscription to use the app. That’s $3.99 per month or $19.99 yearly. There is also a one-time unlock for $39.99.

There is a free, seven-day trial available for both subscription options.

Originally launching last summer, the app is made for anyone to pick up and start using.

One of the best features of the app is its simplicity and clean interface. Once you open up Photon, the controls you need are within easy each. You can quickly adjust settings including exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.

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