There are lots of ways to show loved ones we cherish them on Valentine’s Day, and they all can be very special. This may include a romantic dinner date at their favorite restaurant or a flower delivery of their favorite variety of roses or another type of plant if they aren’t into roses.

The gesture doesn’t have to be big; you can send a card, too. Because, in the end, it’s the thought that counts, and that means a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be special and meaningful. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing a piece of your heart with another person, and a great gift reflects that shared love. This gift can be personal or silly, sentimental or something they will be able to use a lot in their daily lives. 

Budgets can vary, and what is affordable to one person may not be a comfortable price range for someone else. But for the purposes of this guide, all these thoughtful and creative affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas will be under $100.

Here are some unique and surprisingly affordable Valentine’s Day gifts to buy this year for the special someone.

Heirloom Video Books

video photo book with pink cover showing couple at their wedding
Image: Amazon

What It Is: So much about love is rooted in special memories and this is a customizable photo and video book that can capture personal videos and photos into a beautiful book you design for them yourself that they can cherish forever.

Why They’ll Love It: A video and photo book is a tangible way to capture and relive the most important moments in your lives together anytime, anywhere they want; it’s the most romantic of gifts.

Cost: Rates start at $48.99 for a 10-minute book at

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser and Oils Set 

wooden diffuser set displayed with numerous scent bottles
Image: Amazon

What It Is: This aromatherapy diffuser can mist calming scents for up to 12 hours at a time, and uses 100 percent pure essential oils. 

Why They’ll Love It: What’s better than a relaxing spa-like experience right at home? This eco-friendly diffuser is a great alternative to scented candles and will make her home or office always smell peaceful and relaxing.

Cost: $27.99 at

Tiny Turnips Spoonula Set

Image: Tiny Turnips Kitchen

What It Is: The spoonula is part spoon, part spatula. It’s made of dishwasher-safe silicone, so it’s easy to use and clean, and will be helpful for all their scooping, stirring, flipping and more.

Why They’ll Love It: This is a set made for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and loves to accessorize their utensil drawer. 

Cost: $29.99 at

RPZL Haute Holiday Collection: The Kate Bow in Cream or Black

Image: Amazon

What It Is: Oversized bows are very on trend for 2024, and these handmade bows are sure to make a flirty statement for date night.

Why They’ll Love It: If they love romantic hair with cascading, flowing locks, they’ll want to incorporate this bow into their next event ‘do.

Cost: $40 at

Clipper Tea Organic Herbal & Green Tea Selection Box

a gift box, open to reveal assorted teas
Image: Amazon

What It Is: A collection of organic herbal and green teas, including varieties ranging from classics like lemon and ginger and green tea to fun spins like strawberry and elderflower, for a total of 45 tea bags in all.

Why They’ll Love It: If they love to decompress at the end of a long day with a steaming mug of tea, they’ll love having this assortment of fine teas added to their collection.

Cost: $19.99 at

Clean & Pure Lip Mask

Image: Amazon

What It Is: This lip mask is packed with vitamin E, avocado and olive fruit oil to form a protective barrier that helps keep lips smooth, kissable and hydrated.

Why They’ll Love It: The season of romance is the best time of all to hydrate and nourish dry and cracked lips, especially if they have romantic plans in store!

Cost: $9.49 at

Abbott Lyon Tennis Necklace in Rose Gold

Image: Abbott Lyon

What It Is: They may already have a tennis bracelet, but a tennis necklace takes the sparkling concept to a higher level, with cubic zirconia crystals lining a stylish choker necklace. 

Why They’ll Love It: Whether paired with a little black dress or their favorite jeans and T-shirt, this tennis necklace will ensure they sparkle no matter where their evening takes them. This is a gift that is sure to excite, and looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Cost: $95 at

BAGSMART Compression Packing Cubes 

Image: Amazon

What It Is: These compression packing cubes are a super cute way to keep clothes organized when traveling. Think of them almost like a vacuum sealer for luggage. When clothes are zipped into the cubes, they are compressed so that more will fit into less space.

Why They’ll Love It: If you are planning to whisk them away on a romantic getaway, they’ll be able to pack a lot more outfit options.

Cost: $38.98 at

twenty/twenty beauty All Eyes On You Smokey Eye Set

Image: Amazon

What It Is: A set of mascara and visionary eye shadow sticks, the shades are formulated by an ophthalmologist to include nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, biotin, and vitamin E, but also to be just the right shades needed to create those perfect smokey looks.

Why They’ll Love It: A day-to-night look can be set in one act with a great smokey eye. This set will give them everything they need to get ready for those special nights out. All they have to do is stash it in their purse or gym bag and they are ready for romance.

Cost: $85 at

AeroGarden Sprout With Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit

Image: Amazon

What It Is: A sleek and compact indoor garden that is so easy to use, even those you love without a green thumb can have abundant harvests in any climate or setting.

Why They’ll Love It: Whether they love to cook or live in an apartment without outdoor space and miss gardening, they’ll be obsessed with this indoor growing system that helps them have herbs and veggies year-round without sun or soil.

Cost: $56.49 at

magic bullet Portable Blender in Flamingo Pink

Image: Amazon

What It Is: Smoothies are a popular way to have a nutritious and delicious meal when we’re short on time, whether on the way to work or class or after the gym. But frequent trips to the smoothie bar can get pricey, fast. This compact blender is portable and adorable — and comes in fun colors like flamingo pink! It’s great for on-the-go blending, from smoothies to homemade salad dressings and marinades or fun cocktails and mocktails.

Why They Love It: They’ll have their favorite smoothies on the go, wherever their schedule and travels may take them.

Cost: $37.75 at

Venchi Valentine’s Day Collection Large Heart-Shaped Tin

Image: Amazon

What It Is: Nothing says Valentine’s Day like delicious chocolates, preferably in a heart-shaped box! This is an elegant spin on the classic, with a pink and red heart-shaped tin, filled with gourmet milk and 75 percent dark Valentine’s heart-shaped chocolates.

Why They’ll Love It: They love romance, chocolate, hearts and flowers. This is everything in one delicious tin.

Cost: $30 at

Healthy Chicks Spark Your Bliss Deck

Image: Amazon

What It Is: This is a 36-card deck that is filled with good vibes and positive affirmations and calls to action. It’s all the good energy and positive outlook they could ever use and share on this day of all kinds of love.

Why They’ll Love It: Good vibes and positive energy is a great gift no matter what someone’s romantic status may be!

Cost: $19.99

Gund Bubbles Teddy Bear

Image: Amazon

What It Is: This 10-inch cream-colored cutie by Gund has a textured plush, corduroy nose, oversized paws and the most adorable expression.

Why They’ll Love It: Who doesn’t love a cute teddy bear? Plus, it’s on sale for 20% off.

Cost: $39.99 at

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