You’ll journey through a tormented nobleman’s psyche in the fairytale that morphs into a puzzle-platformer.

While playing, one of the of the top features is the mirror mechanic. You will generate a shadowy reflection to swap places with. That will unlock new angles to help explore and solve puzzles.

The story is text free but is a profound look into a broken mind. Each puzzle room solved brings clarity to the past. There are also hidden secrets spread throughout the game including an alternate endings and more.

Along with puzzles, there are a number of boss battles that are destined to test both your reflexes and resolve.

Along with unsettling visuals, the game uses great atmospheric music for each twist and turn. The game is also compatible with all MFi Bluetooth controllers including the Xbox One and PS5 options.

Ugly is a $4.99 download on the App Store for the iPhone and all iPad models.

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